Grabilla Android - smartphone screenshot sharing

It's available for smartphones too! Grabilla Capture and Share for Android!

Android client for Grabilla photo and video sharing

  • Simple and quick way to privately share photos and videos.
  • No social features, no feeds or public galleries.
  • Just choose any image/video and share it by private link.
  • Single account and screenshots history on all devices!

Grabilla Android Features:

  • Take a photo or video and upload it to Grabilla;
  • Upload images and videos from your phone gallery;
  • Instant sharing of any media files with “Share” context menu;
  • Uploads history with delete ability;
  • You can access your history from PC or other devices;
  • Use your phone screenshot function to take screenshot or take a photo and share it with Grabilla client;
  • Main screen widget with last shared items.

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